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Public Schools And Their Obsession with White Privilege by Lee Duigon

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The Left in America has been very frisky this month, and a lot less bashful about showing us who they are and what they want to do. We wonder why.

Through their many surrogates—the colleges, the nooze media, Hollywood, wacko judges, and, of course, the Democrat Party—they’ve been uncharacteristically candid about their plans for us. What gives them so much confidence? Is it genuinely delusional, or do they know something that we should know, but don’t?

George Washington University, for one, has held a seminar on “Christian Privilege,” which is sort of like “White Privilege” and has to be abolished. Christians in America—that would be the majority of Americans–have all these “unmerited perks” that must be done away with if we’re ever to create Utopia. GWU is here to lead the jihad.

Many of our looniversities, meanwhile, are participating in the 19th Annual White Privilege Conference, which will feature such illuminating workshops as “Breaking the Chains of Capitalism.” Held this year in Grand Rapids, the wingding “brings thousands [of idiots] together to discuss privilege, primarily though not exclusively, racial privilege”—in addition to laboring to break the chains of capitalism, a la Venezuela and North Korea. Your sons and daughters will receive academic credit for attending these workshops online. Your hard-earned money pays for it.

But wait, there’s more!


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