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10 Disturbing Facts About The Church Of Almighty God by Brittani Jefferson

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China is infamously known for its censorship within the religious sector because the government can’t actively the monitor theological teachings of churches or actively incorporate these religious teachings within China’s communist agenda. The PROC has an active running list of ongoing cults that Chinese citizens should be aware of.

The Church of Almighty God, aka Eastern Lightning, was created in 1990 by former physics teacher Zhao Weishan. Its primary belief is that a woman named Yang Xiangbin, also called Lightning Deng, is the female reincarnation of Jesus and has returned to Earth to guide her followers. She is also alleged to be Zhao’s mistress. This cult is notoriously dangerous.

It’s no surprise that cults actively seek broken individuals they can mold and shape. In China, the stakes are even higher, as women are still considered an “at risk” demographic due to the discrimination they often face within the workforce and the external pressures they face from society. The cult often caters and tends to housewives, educated women, and Christians of different churches.[1] Husbands recall their wives no longer being home but all their belongings still being present. At one time, the cult used to primarily focus on citizens from the countryside, but now it has begun to diversify by recruiting not only educated students but also men, who are being more actively pursued.

Often, men are trapped by younger women who can entice them with sexual advances or even blackmail. Some former members recall being introduced by family members or even in-laws. Members will even target priests and people within high-ranking Christian positions, making the group even more dangerous, as they have members who are willing to do anything for the cause.

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