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Pat Buchanan: Trump Bringing ‘End of the New World Order’ with Populist Defense, Trade Agenda

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Populist conservative author and columnist Pat Buchanan says President Trump’s “America First” defense and fair trade agenda is bringing an “end of the ‘New World Order.’”

In an interview with talk radio host Laura Ingraham, Buchanan said Trump’s latest moves at the G7 Summit — where he blasted foreign leaders’ defense and trade policies for draining the U.S. — were the beginning of the end for a world order propped up by globalist free trade and defense efforts.

Buchanan said:

What’s really going on is the end of the old world order from which the United States has benefited least in the sense that we have contributed more to the defense of the West, defense of Europe, defense of the world during the Cold War and beyond than any other nation. At the same time, we’ve been running trade deficits in goods at $800 billion a year, which is a tremendous deal for those who are being defended and protected and who are dumping more into the United States than we’re allowed to sell into their markets. [Emphasis added]

I think, Laura, we’re seeing the end of – if you will – the end of the ‘New World Order’ that began in say 1991, 1992 after the Cold War was over when we started moving in this direction. [Emphasis added]

And I think that’s what’s behind all this acrimony and the frustration and anger at the President of the United States. [Trump] realizes what a deal the world is getting at our expense and he wants to correct it and the world likes it as it is. [Emphasis added]

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