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Watch and Learn: The Tactics of Blue Journalists Who Despise Trump by Timothy Buchanan

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President Trump has taken historic steps toward brokering peace on the Korean peninsula by arranging the first meeting with North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un and in signing an agreement that aims to disarm the hostile Asian agitator. Meanwhile, America’s anti-Trump media are already setting the table for their celebration dinner to honor America’s defeat. Our nation’s blue news networks have exposed their strategy early, and in typically monolithic unison.

So deep and roiling is the Left’s animus for President Trump, that they have demonstrated a pathological desire to frame his every success as a failure and every delay as evidence of gross incompetence. If the network media and their Democrat handlers were even-handed in their condemnation of U.S. presidents, all would be well. But the enemies of American security and prosperity are neither honest nor fair.

Despite the fact that North Korea has been one of the most ruthless and belligerent nation-states for over sixty years, and that the three preceding presidents have failed to get anywhere close to this point, Donald Trump will not be applauded. On the contrary, he will be bashed, minimized, ridiculed and maligned by the same phony analysts who dared not question Barack Obama’s chimerical policy of “strategic patience” with Chairman Kim.

The standard by which the summit will be characterized by the Left is not whether President Trump will be successful in negotiating an agreement of nuclear disarmament. It will be decided by pundits and news commentators according to a different metric altogether—human rights. Nuclear disarmament is the U.S. policy goal of the meeting, but that will not suffice for the Left.

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