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Slim Down, Look Younger and Clean Your Cells in Just 15 Days by Dr. Mercola

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Naomi Whittel is the former CEO of Twinlab and has written an interesting book about how to achieve radiant health by activating your body’s natural autophagy processes. In “Glow 15: A Science-Based Plan to Lose Weight, Revitalize Your Skin, and Invigorate Your Life,” she shares a number of valuable strategies for doing this naturally. Her deep-rooted interest in healthy living was an outgrowth of her lifelong struggle with eczema, an autoimmune deficiency.

“The inflammatory process just ravaged my body,” she says. “My skin would bleed, it would pus. My parents were so conscious, they would even be aware of the kinds of material I would wear because our skin needs to breathe — it’s our largest organ — and the foods that I ate. I was born on a biodynamic farm, and yet this autoimmune disorder and so many [other health problems] that I developed over time controlled my life.

So, I have always been trained to eat specific foods and drink certain types of water. My parents never let me have fluoridated water. I was never vaccinated. So much thought went into what I was putting on and into my body, and yet I couldn’t squelch the inflammation. When I was in my midteens, I would constantly cover myself with long sleeves, kind of like what I’m doing today. But it wasn’t for the same reasons.

I would cover myself because I was so ashamed of what I really looked like. It was the spring dance, and there was a boy that I really wanted to go to the spring dance with. My mother said to me at that time, ‘You know, you shouldn’t always cover yourself.

You have a lot of friends. You can have some more self-confidence.’ I listened to her, and I wore short sleeves and shorts. My skin was exposed, and he got a glimpse of me, and he didn’t invite me. That was a defining moment, because I had been so rejected by the way I looked.”

From Natural to Conventional and Back

Following that spring dance rejection, Whittel decided to try the conventional route for a change. For a time, she used steroids to control her eczema, but the side effects prompted her to return to her all-natural roots. In her early 20s, she was able to eliminate about 95 percent of her eczema using a combination of Chinese herbs, acupuncture and fasting to detox.

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Story at-a-glance

  • Autophagy refers to a “self-eating” process in which your body digests damaged cells. It’s a cleaning-out process that encourages the proliferation of new, healthy cells
  • The cyclicality of nutrition is an important component for health. Cells are either building or detoxing, and each phase has its own requirements
  • Cyclical ketosis and intermittent fasting suppress inflammation in your body and activate autophagy, a natural process that cleanses and detoxifies the cell and recycles the parts of the organelles that are no longer needed
  • To activate autophagy, eat fats first and carbohydrates last, whether you’re intermittently fasting or not. Also include more autophagy-activating foods, such as citrus bergamot tea, green tea and turmeric
  • Cyclical exercise — doing 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training or resistance training every other day — also helps turn autophagy on and off
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