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Bully Tactics Aren’t As Effective As a ‘Charm Offensive’ … Will They Ever Learn? by Steve Pauwels

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For those shaped by pop culture’s currents, it’s pert’near impossible to avoid the conclusion that “gays” (and, increasingly, transgenders) are the wisest, wittiest, most talented, tolerant and valuable human beings walking the planet. Why mince words? They’re flatly superior to the rest of us bland, benighted, hetero types. Today’s music, literature, mainstream media, never mind television and movies, all bear flamboyant testimony: to be “gay” is to be a better person, practically on every front.

It’s certainly far removed from formerly widespread and unflattering representations of our same-sex-preferring neighbors; a much more favorable development for them, no denying. You’d think the homosexual and gender-fluid set and their supporters would regard this state of affairs an unalloyed positive and scrupulously rebuff anything that might scupper it.

Yet, bizarrely, it appears they’ve no intention of leaving well-enough alone. Salient elements within the “gay”/trans camarilla, instead, are treading treacherously close to wrenching public opinion back against their movement. Maybe this is a newsflash for some of them: everyday janes and joes generally don’t respond warmly to those who traffic in shrieking thuggery — even if it’s absolutely fabulous!

More and more nowadays, standard operating procedure for the rainbow ranks is to blatantly bully those conservative Christians, traditionalists or insufficiently “evolved” persons who aren’t ultra-hyped about equating same-sex sodomy with offspring-producing, man/woman, husband/wife marriage. Not cool with homosexual canoodling for religious, philosophical, pragmatic or biological reasons? You’re to be muscled into politically correct compliance. Not willing to hop aboard the trans-train? Watch out! There might be a lavender locomotive bearing down on you.

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