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Jeff Sessions Completely Discredits SPLC By Bryan Fischer

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This week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions not only completely discredited the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), he cut it off at the knees. He eviscerated it. He completely and thoroughly destroyed its credibility. Good for him.

The SPLC did some good civil rights work back in the day, and even won a $7 million wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the bereaved mother of a young black man, who died at the hands of a klansman. (This was after Jeff Sessions, as Alabama’s attorney general, had gotten the klansman sentenced to death.) The award bankrupted the Ku Klux Klan in the South. The KKK had no assets other than a broken down warehouse, so that’s what the mother got in the settlement.

Meanwhile, the SPLC went out and raised $9 million off this case, of which the mother saw precisely zero dollars. The SPLC kept it all and left the mother with a worthless building.

Since then, the SPLC has continued to pad its coffers and now hasa $477 million endowment, a lot of it tucked away safely in the Cayman Islands where the IRS can’t get to it.

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